The Night Synthesis

The Night Synthesis

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This clinically proven age-defying concentrate harnesses the transformative power of Bio-Theriac® complex in a buttery texture that works with your skin while you sleep to visibly reduce the number and severity of fine lines and wrinkles while helping calm irritation.

Appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, combination, and oily.

Always Tested on Sensitive Skin
Paraben-, Fragrance-, and Dye-Free
Dermatologist Approved
Leaping bunny logo Certified Cruelty Free

Why Dr. Rossi?

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Dr. Rossi embarked on a mission to rethink skin care and create de-aging solutions appropriate for all, regardless of age, gender, or level of skin sensitivity. His goal: To combat the signs of skin aging while suppressing sensitization.

After treating both those patients battling cancer and those seeking cosmetic treatments, Dr. Rossi noticed that when his patients looked better, they felt better and healed more quickly. But his patients with sensitive skin couldn’t get the results they wanted because products in the market aggravated their sensitivity.

The Breakthrough

Dr. Rossi developed his landmark formulas with his proprietary Bio-Theriac® complex, which helps correct the visible effects of aging and environmental aggressors while reducing sensitization. Dr. Rossi’s formulas exclude the use of ingredients that neither support skin health nor aid in its appearance, such as irritants, fillers, and fragrance.

The result is a relentlessly perfected and tested, revolutionary line of luxury treatments that will reveal your healthiest looking, most vibrant skin regardless of your gender identity, complexion, or skin condition. 


"Skin sensitivity is not just discomfort—it can be tied to one of the root causes of premature skin aging. What we put on our skin matters, so if a product causes irritation it’s a big red flag and you’re probably doing more harm than good to your skin. I created this line of clean, high-performing products to restore skin to its youthful, healthy look while remaining non-irritating and safe to use on all skin types, including on the skin conditions of my cancer patients. This type of medical-grade skin care has never been done before."

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